We run many educational events locally, nationally, and internationally. In Our Sports Injury Training Programme we cover the following subjects:

  • Basic Science
  • Injury prevention
  • Health promotion
  • Drugs in sports
  • How to deal with specific emergencies
  • Psychosocial Aspects of Sport & Exercise Medicine
  • Specific Injuries and their Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Investigations and procedures
  • Women in sport
  • Disabled sport
  • Sport in specific Groups including Children/Adolescents/Effects of Ageing

At the end of the programme, the participants will have:

  • Increased knowledge and awareness of diagnosing sports related injuries and the capability to handle crisis situations.
  • Increased knowledge on health promotion.
  • Increased knowledge on drugs in sports.
  • Knowledge of the challenges facing the public health sector related to sports injury treatment including policy implementation.
  • Awareness of the ageing population and impact on health.
  • Awareness of injuries and prevention in all groups including Children/ Adolescents.
  • Enable doctors to establish injury prevention routines.