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About London Clinic of Medicine and Surgery

We promote the well-being of all individuals and endeavour to support all individuals to get back to full activity and peak fitness whether they are top level athletes, individuals who are involved in recreational activity or someone who has sustained an injury or developed pain from whatever cause. We do this through simple advice, preventative strategies, early diagnosis and treatment with minimal intervention

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Top London Based Doctors

The clinic has many top level medical professionals working with it. All have had many years of experience dealing with joint problems and are often leaders in their field.

Education and Training

The clinicians in the clinic have run educational meetings for all types of doctors and medical professionals, both nationally and internationally -They are passionate about their teaching and have a strong track record of excellence in this field.

Medical and Surgical Equipments

We provide quality medical and surgical equipment which ranges from the most simple of equipment to the more complex equipment required for operations and the treatment of complex conditions – to find out more information please contact us and we can send you our brochure and our portfolio.


The clinic organises telemedicine consultations where patients who are abroad can be assessed by top level specialists in the UK.

Main Focus

The diagnosis and treatment of patients both in the UK and from overseas with joint problems, arthritis, fractures and sports injuries.
Conduct training programmes for UK doctors, physiotherapists, and other professionals.
Tailored training programmes to be conducted overseas for medical professionals.
Provide treatment overseas for patients via our telemedicine services.
Refer professionals to institutions/individuals (Doctors and Physiotherapists)
  • UK based clients
  • Overseas clients

London Based high quality service

Central London Locations:

  • The world famous Harley Street
  • The London Independent Hospital (E1)
  • and Spire Roding Hospital (IG4)
All patients will be assessed by one of our Team of Specialists and Investigations such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and Blood Tests can be organised. If required, Surgery can be performed, normally at the prestigious Wellington Hospital, or in one of several hospitals in and around London.